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Upgrade your technology to make this your most efficient year ever!

Supercharge your productivity with OfficeTools, the leader in practice management software. It’s not just a suite of productivity tools, it's a better way of thinking about firm management. Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect:

  • Clock Save up to 8 hours a week (you, personally!) Stop wasting your time doing manual tasks when automation can free you up for more important matters.
  • Billing Capture more billing opportunities When you save time, you open yourself up to all new possibilities and ways to grow your practice.
  • Organizers Manage all your information with ease Easily share documents, simplify your workflows, and combine contacts, project tracking and billing in one simple screen.

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The most complete practice management software on the market

OfficeTools takes the best of a traditional office work area and digitizes the most commonly used aspects to creates a single WorkSpace that will revolutionize your practice. Combining contacts, project tracking and time and billing into one screen, you will find a uniquely empowering experience where everything is one click away. Work in “One” place and have your team “Work as One”!

  • Eliminate redundant databases
  • Ease management burdens (and say goodbye to micro-managing projects)
  • Recapture billing opportunities
  • Easily keep track of the who, what, when, where, and why for everything in your practice
  • Never miss a deadline

Secure your business & data in a virtual workspace, accessible anytime

Abacus Private Cloud puts your critical practice data and vital applications into a private virtual workspace that is accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime, while removing IT management burdens and costs, maximizing your organization's performance.

  • Get full-spectrum security
  • Use any device from anywhere to access your cloud
  • Evolve your company with a flexible, dynamic, and scalable environment
  • Take complete ownership of your data
  • Zero capital investment means you can focus on your practice, not another stakeholder

AbacusNext is trusted by 100,000 users worldwide

“We’ve been with OfficeTools for seven years and never looked back. Our firm was growing and tracking returns was a logistical nightmare for staff and embarrassing to tell clients that we needed to call them back because we didn’t know what the status was of their return. We had substantial write-offs of staff time and when we switched to WorkSpace they were completely eliminated.”
Matt Holdsworth
“It has changed our firm, it is just wonderful. Being able to know in the process where we are with tax returns, find the files, have good metrics about where we’re spending our time, and overall managing our practice has made a huge impact. We’re just thrilled.”
Julia Rhoads
“Once OfficeTools WorkSpace was up and running, everybody immediately saw the value. Everything could be done one time, it went where it needed to go, and we were very happy.It’s the best time billing software, and there is so much packed in it. We’ve been using it since 2009, and I still haven’t used every single aspect that’s in it because there’s so much.”
Cyndi Bennett

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