Improve the productivity of your law practice

Take advantage of tools designed to save time, bill more, increase efficiency, and reduce risk.

Like it or not, a law practice is a business.

"There are two types of lawyers: lawyers who run their firms as businesses, and those who have jobs disguised as legal practices."

legal-product-wpOrganization is the key to running a successful firm, and leveraging technology is key to staying organized.

  • Practice management
  • Efficiency increases productivity
  • Risk management

The most profitable lawyers understand the importance of efficiency in running their law firms: doing more in less time.

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Case management software with cloud mobility in a desktop product

Designed to maximize your billable opportunities while you do what you do best: practice law. Amicus Attorney manages your matters and legal practice, and integrates with your most trusted apps, for results you can see at a glance.

  • Drive efficiency and raise your profits while growing your practice
  • Work wherever you want with options on desktop and the cloud
  • Empower your practice with case management software built by lawyers for lawyers
  • Includes: Calendar, Matter Management, Document Management, Time Management, Client Portal, Billing Management & More... 

Leading legal case management software for the past 35 years

AbacusLaw gives you the easy-to-use tools you need to simplify your workflows and empower your firm, including case management, time tracking, billing, and accounting operations. Coupling that with our Private Cloud solutions empowers you to work from anywhere, anytime.

  • Organize your entire firm
  • Capture more billing opportunities
  • Customize to fit your firm's needs
  • Integrate with apps curated specifically for everyday tasks you face
  • Includes: Case Management, Time Tracking, Billing,
    Rules Based Calendaring, Form Generation, Mobile Access & More...

Secure your business & data in a virtual workspace, accessible anytime

Abacus Private Cloud puts your critical practice data and vital applications into a private virtual workspace that is accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime, while removing IT management burdens and costs, maximizing your organization's performance.

  • Get full-spectrum security
  • Use any device from anywhere to access your cloud
  • Evolve your company with a flexible, dynamic, and scalable environment
  • Take complete ownership of your data
  • Zero capital investment means you can focus on your practice, not another stakeholder

AbacusNext is trusted by thousands of clients worldwide

“Amicus frees your mind to concentrate on building you rlaw practice and not losing control over it.”
Peter E.
“I'm convinced that Amicus has increased my income, lessened my malpractice exposure, enabled me to provide better service to my clients, and has increased my free time.”
Chelsea K.
“I absolutely SWEAR by Amicus. I've used it for years, I get each upgrade as soon as it comes out and the support is fantastic. I cannot say enough good or recommend it highly enough.”
Janne O.

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